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Mission and History

Since its founding in 1889, the Insurance Advocate® has been the magazine that covers the people and issues affecting the insurance industry in New York, New Jersey, Eastern Pennsylvania, Connecticut and beyond.

Insurance Advocate® is a source for new markets and coverage of financial trends, legislative issues, M&A, insurance law, and industry developments. With a paid circulation of 5,300+, the Insurance Advocate® boasts the best columnists and features affecting our industry today. Insurance Advocate® reaches agents and brokers, insurance industry executives, industry analysts, third party administrators, regional association members and government leaders.


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CINN Media, Inc. is a diversified group of companies in the insurance, association management, marketing and publishing fields. CINN’s accomplished staff of full-time and independent professionals is a valuable resource to growing organizations. With our experienced publishing, administrative, public relations and graphic arts professionals, CINN is a muscular asset working for its “partners.”



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Remembering Emanuel Levy

Emanuel Levy 1918-2013

By: Steve Acunto

EMANUEL LEVY, Editor of the INSURANCE ADVOCATE®, and vice president and treasurer of The Roberts Publishing Corp. passed away in Ann Arbor, Michigan on August 18, 2013. He was born in the Bronx, N.Y. on April 11, 1918 and was educated in the public schools of New York City. He was graduated from Brooklyn College in February 1941 with a B.A and did graduate work in journalism at Columbia University and New York University. During World War II, he served both in the Pacific and European Theatres of Operations as a Signal Center Chief. After several years as an associate editor he was named managing editor of the Insurance Advocate® and remained in that post until 1958 when he was named editor on the death of Charles S. Rosenzweig. Mr. Levy was honored by numerous brokers’ associations for his service to the insurance industry. Known throughout the country by virtue of his work with the magazine, he has addressed various producers’ associations. Before joining the Insurance Advocate® in 1946, he was associated with the New York City Transit System. Mr. Levy received better than 50 awards from industry associations for his service throughout his insurance career. He was the recipient of the 1960 Annual Award of the Brooklyn Insurance Brokers Association, New York, for outstanding service to the insurance business. He received the Public Service Award for outstanding contributions to public understanding of the function of Insurance in the American Economy – National Association of Independent Insurers – October 1963; a Citation for Editorial Excellence by New York 65 Health Insurance Association in 1966; as well as, the Annual Achievement Award – Independent Insurance Brokers Association of Brooklyn in 1963. Mr. Levy was also the first inductee in the Insurance Media Association Hall of Fame for lifetime achievement (2007). He is survived by his two sons, Warren and Alan, and their families.


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